Take Action to Avoid Public Education Cuts

Unless our state leaders take action to fund the state budget, our public schools could be facing cuts of nearly $1 billion.

The legislature passed budget this summer but not a revenue bill to pay for that budget, leaving a funding hole of more than $2 billion.  If the General Assembly does not agree to a responsible revenue plan, it may force cuts in funding for our public schools of close to $1 billion. A dramatic cut like that would directly harm students across the state and could mean teacher layoffs, cutbacks in classes and programs, and forcing school districts to increase property taxes.

Elected officials must hear from their constituents so they make students a priority and take action to avert these cuts.

Please call or email your legislators TODAY:

  • Find your state representative and their contact information here

Every student deserves access to a quality education no matter where that student lives. Thank you for your support!

We also ask that you ask your network to take to social media and deliver the same message to legislators.