Support our School Funding Lawsuit and Secure a Fair Funding Formula

You can make a difference in the lives of Pennsylvania’s children by supporting our School Funding Lawsuit and Securing a Fair Funding Formula.

Call your local legislators and tell them you support the goals of the school funding lawsuit.

  • Find phone numbers for State Senators and Representatives here:
  • Ask your representatives or their staffers: why have Pennsylvanians had to resort to solving this problem in the courts? Why are you not solving the school funding problem now?
  • Tell them you support the goals of the litigation.
  • Voice your support for a full, fair funding formula that provides enough funding for every student to meet state standards and become self-sufficient adults; takes into account student factors such as poverty, homelessness and native language; and, takes into account district factors such as the size of the district, local tax efforts and local wealth.

Support the Campaign for Fair Education Funding

Join the monthly Education Voters monthly call

Make a contribution to support the lawsuit.

Spread the word to your friends and networks.