Call to Action: Create a Permanent Office of Sustainability

The bill to change the charter to create a permanent Office of Sustainability requires a two-thirds majority vote in City Council. We need you to call or email your council member before the vote on May 8!

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability could become a permanent city agency if a resolution to change its charter is passed by a two-thirds majority of City Council. This past Monday, Amy Laura Cahn testified on this change before City Council saying, “No city agency has been more impactful or more of a partner in our work supporting environmentally just communities than the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.” We need your help: Call or email your City Council member before May 8 and ask him or her to support Resolution Number 130884!

To read Amy Laura Cahn’s testimony for creating a permanent Office of Sustainability, click here.

To call or email your City Council member, click here.