Press Hits

Taking On Gun Safety Preemption in Pennsylvania Press Hits

Philly sues again to overturn state ban on local firearm regulations — Philadelphia Tribune, October 7, 2020 Philly sues Pennsylvania for preempting gun safety laws — Philly Voice, October 7, 2020 Philadelphia officials announce legal action against Pennsylvania over gun laws — Fox 29, October 7, 2020 Philly challenges state’s power over gun laws — […]

Mail-in ballot deadline Press Hits

Decision not to extend Pa. vote-by-mail deadline could lower AAPI turnout — NBC News, May 23, 2020 Barristers’ Association joins lawsuit challenging mail-in voting – Philadelphia Tribune, April 29 Lawsuit Seeks To Extend Mailed Ballot Return In PA By One Week – PA Post, April 28 The legal team that overturned Pa. gerrymandering is suing […]

FDC Philadelphia COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuit Press Hits

One Philadelphia prison has yet to report a single case of the coronavirus. But it hasn’t tested any inmates. — Philadelphia Inquirer, April 22, 2020 Feds Slam Suit Over ‘Dangerously Slow’ Prison Virus Steps — Law360, April 21, 2020 New lawsuit seeks release of medically vulnerable inmates in Philadelphia federal prison — KYW, April 16, […]

Taking on Gun Violence in Philadelphia Press Hits

The legal battle over Philadelphia’s lost gun reporting ordinance takes shape in court — WHYY, March 6, 2020 Judge to continue hearing about lost and stolen guns ordinance in April — The Philadelphia Tribune, March 5, 2020 Reality Check 1.27.20 – Ben Geffen — WURD, January 27, 2020 Requiring reporting of lost and stolen firearms […]

Source of Income press hits

Are landlords required to accept Section 8 vouchers? Philly lawyers think so, according to discrimination complaint. — Philadelphia Inquirer, August 15, 2019 Some Philly landlords refuse to rent to tenants based on their income – and it’s illegal — KYW News, September 19, 2019 New Philly lead bill should be first step in housing culture […]

Prison Gerrymandering Press Hits

Let the LRC know — It’s time to end prison gerrymandering — Generocity, August 19, 2021 How ‘prison gerrymandering’ shifts political power from urban Pennsylvanians of color to white, rural ones — Philadelphia Inquirer, July 11, 2019 Census 2020: Why some Pa. lawmakers say the state’s inmates should be counted at home, rather than in […]

Adams Jones et al. v. Boockvar Press Hits

Lawsuit over Pa. absentee voting claims early deadline is unconstitutional — WHYY, June 5, 2019 Are Pa.’s absentee-ballot deadlines unconstitutional? What would be the fix? Judges consider whether a lawsuit should move forward. — Philadelphia Inquirer, June 5, 2019 Pa. rejected twice as many absentee ballots in 2018 — Keystone Crossroads, March 18, 2019

Philadelphian with disabilities threatened with eviction for exercising her rights | Press Hits

She was trapped in her apartment for 65 days. Now she’s suing | Ronnie Polaneczky — Philadelphia Inquirer, October 29, 2018

New Jerusalem press hits

An Ancient Gardening Tool: Putting Adverse Possession to Modern Use The Legal Intelligencer, May 18, 2018 How Public Interest Law Center Got in the Weeds of Urban Garden Laws Philadelphia Bar Foundation, April 19, 2018 Will city Land Bank save North Philly nuns’ community garden? Philadelphia Inquirer, April 2, 2018

Preparing Students Press Hits

Episode #80: PA Supports People with Disabilities with Darlene Hemerka — Good Law | Bad Law, May 25, 2018 Advocates say too many Special Ed students are not prepared for life after school — The Notebook, March 11, 2018