Pro Bono Opportunities

Lawyers who would like to contribute their skills and expertise to advance the Law Center’s mission can do so in a number of ways. Here are some of them:

  • Partner with us on a large, class action lawsuit. This usually requires the commitment of multiple lawyers over an extended period. Lawyers working on these cases will gain the full range of experience: motions and pleadings practice; discovery, including depositions; working with experts and document review; and oral arguments and trial.
  • Provide pro bono legal support to gardens and gardeners throughout Philadelphia. Many of the city’s urban gardens have insecure land tenure. Due to increased development pressure stemming from gentrification, many gardens are being lost at Sheriff Sale.  These gardens need legal assistance on a variety of issues including transactional work, litigation, and trust and estates work.
  • Partner with us on some of our smaller cases particularly in our housing work and our employment work where we seek to develop the case law and raise public awareness in order to create systemic reform.
  • Prepare amicus briefs on issues that pertain to our work. At times we are the client and at other times interested organizations wish to be heard in our cases.
  • Provide research on targeted factual or policy issues to support our advocacy and training initiatives.
  • Provide research on defined legal issues.
  • Participate in strategic planning sessions—policy circles—to help focus and guide our work in the future.
  • Contribute your unique business/corporate/employment law expertise to the Law Center itself as we face many of the same issues as other small businesses.

Interested? Complete the form below or contact Mimi McKenzie, Legal Director, at

Pro Bono Application Form

    Disability employment discriminationSpecial educationDisability rightsEducationEmployment discrimination due to criminal recordHousingVacant land and/or community gardeningEquitable developmentVoting discriminationOther

    *NOTE: We will try to match you with an appropriate opportunity as soon as possible, but please understand that it may take time and not all types of pro bono work are available at a given time.

    Co-counsel on individual case or impact litigationProvide support or technical guidance to community groupDraft amicus briefLegal or policy researchGhost write op-ed or other materialsPresent educational programFollow-up on individual requests for assistanceContribute business expertise to Law CenterReview historical documents for privilege and confidentiality