Michael McKeever

Mr. McKeever is a founding shareholder and CEO of KML Law Group, P.C. Mr. McKeever has extensive experience in real estate, creditor’s rights, title insurance and related legal areas. Mr. McKeever is a member of the Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Steering Committee and serves as Co-Chair and is involved in other mortgage foreclosure prevention programs. He was a member of Mayor Michael Nutter’s Philadelphia Sheriff’s Advisory Board. As a member of the Advisory Board he worked with the Mayor, Sheriff and Court to provide guidance, technical input and constant, gentle, pressure to support and drive long overdue technology and operational changes at the Sheriff’s office in Philadelphia. Over the last several years Mr. McKeever has worked with housing advocates, municipal and state authorities and community groups in laying the groundwork for accelerated foreclosure and possessory legislation as to abandoned properties in the Commonwealth.

Mr. McKeever’s early, active and engaged support of foreclosure mediation/conciliation programs, his leadership of the Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Steering Committee and its internationally recognized Diversion Program, and his strong support of housing counseling agencies are unique qualities of his practice. Mr. McKeever is passionate about the need to create and implement pragmatic solutions to difficult issues, to build relationships that result in long term solutions and to treat all participants with dignity, respect and professionalism.

Mr. McKeever earned his Juris Doctor degree from Villanova University School of Law and holds a BA in Politics from Fairfield University.