Ariel Morales

Tenant Organizer

Ariel Morales joined the Law Center in 2019 as a tenant organizer, working with our housing legal team to help build the capacity of tenants to assert their rights and address their key housing priorities.

Mr. Morales has more than five years of community organizing experience in a variety of settings. For four years, he was a community organizer for the Women’s Community Revitalization Project in Philadelphia, helping lead their Development without Displacement campaign. There, he developed the organizing skills of working class Black and Brown tenants and recruited community organizations to lead neighborhood planning. The campaign successfully advocated for a $70 million funding commitment from the City for affordable housing. Mr. Morales has also worked as a field canvasser with Lancaster Stands Up and as a volunteer organizer with Philadelphians Allied for a Responsible Economy.

Mr. Morales graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. in Geology and received a Master of Urban Planning from Cornell University in 2012. He earned a certification in 2018 from Florestan Ferandes National School’s International Course for Political Educators in Guararema, Brazil.

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