July 29 Call to Action for Education Day

On Wednesday, July 29, the Public Interest Law Center will be participating in a statewide call in day.

Pennsylvania students will begin going back to school in just a month and state lawmakers still have not passed a budget.

Please set aside 5-10 minutes on Wednesday, July 29 to call your state legislators to tell them that we need them to go back to Harrisburg and put Pennsylvania’s children first by passing a budget that begins to solve the school funding crisis.

Simply making two quick phone calls from the comfort of your home (or wherever you have your cellphone), will help jolt state lawmakers out of summer vacation mode and get them back to Harrisburg to work on a budget.

We know that just 10 calls in one day to one legislator can make a difference in what a legislator pays attention to. Please make two of those phone calls and make a difference for children this year!

Mark your calendar today for Wednesday, July 29 – and do two things in less than 10 minutes to make a difference!

  1. Call your State Senator.
  2. Call your State Representative.

Ask them to:

  • Go back to Harrisburg to pass a budget that begins to solve the state’s public school funding crisis, which is causing layoffs and cuts in academic programs at school districts across the state.
  • Enact the school funding formula unanimously approved by the bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission to address the wide gap in funding between school districts in Pennsylvania, which is the worst of any state in the country.
  • Commit to a significant new investment in basic education funding in this year’s budget, with at least $410 million in new dollars to help restore past funding cuts, targeted at bringing districts back to the 2010 funding level as a base year, and begin implementation of the Basic Education Funding Commission formula.
  • Put Pennsylvania’s children first: Get back to work and pass a budget that is good for all of Pennsylvania’s students.

Want to double your impact?  Ask a friend to make a call too! Let us know if you’ve called your legislators by emailing Michael Berton at mberton@pubintlaw.org.

Please take 5-10 minutes on Wednesday, July 29 to help ensure a bright future for Pennsylvania!