Your Gift Makes a Difference

A gift to the Law Center will impact hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people by creating system-wide reform that ensures that everyone can access the basic resources we need to live our lives. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, last year alone, we:

  • Worked on 45 high-impact cases, benefiting approximately 3,637,924 vulnerable people
  • Provided additional consultation services that benefited 5,216 families and community groups
  • Educated and empowered 315 people about their rights through monthly workshops and our annual symposium
  • Advocated for those we serve by speaking at conferences, participating in coalitions, providing testimony and comments, submitting amicus briefs, and writing op-eds and letters to officials.

Your gift will not only support system-wide reform; it will make an immediate, meaningful difference in the lives of our individual clients:

  • 93-year-old Vivette Applewhite, who once marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and has been voting for President since Roosevelt was on the ballot. Yet, Ms. Applewhite, like hundreds of thousands of senior citizens, students, minorities, and those living in poverty, stood to be disenfranchised by Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law. The Law Center, along with three other firms, sought an injunction to the Law, taking our case all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Thanks to this intervention, the law was prevented from going into effect on November 6th.
  • The 3500 students in the Chester-Upland School District who were at risk of losing their public education when, in January 2012, the District announced that it did not have funds to remain open. We intervened on behalf of the affected families in a lawsuit between the school district and the state, eventually forcing the state to supply sufficient funding to keep the schools open and to improve special education services.
  • The Central Club for Boys & Girls has stewarded two community gardens in Grey’s Ferry since the 1940s, using the land as a community resource for thousands of children. Still, it was faced with losing its land to a sheriff’s sale, even though the nonprofit organization had only recently acquired title to the land through adverse possession. Thanks to the Law Center’s Garden Justice Legal Initiative, the sheriff’s sale was postponed, giving the club time to file for the necessary tax exemptions.
  • Sean, a 3rd grade student with autism shuffled between schools while his non-disabled peers get the continuity so important to children. With the Law Center’s help, Sean was able to stay in his school this year and is receiving the services he needs to meet his potential. The Law Center has now filed a class action lawsuit to put an end to the District’s use of this practice for all of its 3,000 students with autism.
*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

“You stand in the gap every time, all the time. We are so thankful for you and your willingness to help us at every turn…You have made an unparalleled difference in our lives. Thank you!” – Loraine Carter, Concerned Black Parents