Proposed 2012-2013 Budget Contains Further Cuts

In February 2012, Governor Corbett released his 2012-2013 proposed budgets, proposing further cuts into the already razor-thin budget for Pennsylvania’s public schools. The budget not only maintains last year’s $900 million cuts but slices off an additional $94 million.

The effect of last year’s drastic cuts has been predictable, from the crisis in Chester-Upland to the failing school districts across the state. The cuts have already led to school building closures, class size increases, and slashed programs and faculty. Teachers, nurses, and other support staff have been laid off, and full-day kindergarten, tutoring, and other essential programs have been slashed.

Our children cannot afford further cuts. The Law Center joins with education advocates throughout the state in calling on Governor Corbett and every state legislator to stop this assault on public education, our children, and the future of our state.