Pennsylvania Has Taken No Action in Expanding Medicaid Before 2014

Under the Afforadable Care Act, Medicaid will expand in 2014 to help more uninsured and low-income adults who earn up to 133% of the federal poverty level. According to Jennifer Lubell’s article, Only 7 states, D.C. expand Medicaid ahead of 2014, 43 States have a head start on the reform, utilizing at least one of five options meant to facilitate the availability of healthcare. 28 of these states have started implementing the option to improve eligibility systems. But only seven states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, California, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia, have taken steps to increase coverage prior to the 2014 expansion. There are still several states, including Pennsylvania, that have made no progress and have yet to take advantage of any of the options available to improve the availability of healthcare.  Read the full article here.