Legislative Inaction Hurting Philadelphia Students

Contact your state representatives and let them know that their inaction is harming Philadelphia’s students.

Pennsylvania House leaders canceled Monday’s scheduled vote to authorize a Philadelphia cigarette tax increase that would raise $80 million annually for the city’s schools. A group from the Law Center joined Public Citizens for Children and Youth, along with nearly 70 students, parents, teachers and advocates in Harrisburg on Monday to tell legislature, “Come back to work so kids can come back to school!”

The School Reform Commission must make a decision on layoffs and the potential postponement of the start of the school year by August 15. Canceling Monday’s meeting was a huge blow to the 190,000 schoolchildren who need action to return to class in September.

Please contact your state representatives today and tell them that you are outraged that the state is allowing children to be deprived of an education because of legislative inaction.

After you have contacted your state representative, let us know by emailing Michael Berton at mberton@pubintlaw.org.